The mission of Integrity Homes, “Down Size, Not Quality”, has special meaning to our many buyers who are seeking new homes of vintage looks and timeless craft. 

Integrity Homes is an old-timey craftsman builder, based the northern Colorado town of Berthoud. Our paired two-story homes and single-family ranch homes in Gateway Park are individually crafted homes of quality, integrity and value that is uncommon in today’s marketplace. Our customers are both retirees and hard working families who want small to average size homes of low maintenance but don’t want to cut the quality found traditionally only in larger, high end custom homes.

Quality is very important to us at Integrity Homes and is much more than skin deep. Our focus on quality shows itself as soon as you approach the front door, and builds as you enter. Many quality steps are hidden behind the beautiful covered walls, and many are self-evident. Beginning with foundations much stronger than average, and being built with a quality of framing material normally reserved for higher end custom homes, we further enhance the livability of each home with spray foam insulation which provides greatly improved structural rigidity insulation qualities and energy efficiency, as well as soundproofing. For example, similar size homes in the area may require 85,000 BTU of heat and three tons of air-conditioning, yet our homes only require 39,000 BTU of heat and one ton of air-conditioning. This means homeowners will have lower energy bills compared with the average home in the area.

Integrity Homes’ projects are designed around a concept of keeping life simple and free to enjoy the best things in life. Consequently, our projects are low maintenance, and require only a small monthly HOA expense which provides all landscaping care and snow removal. Our roofing systems carry a full thirty year warranty and our exterior siding system carries a full fifty year warranty. And while most homes must be painted every five to ten years, Integrity homes generally need repainting only every fifteen to twenty years.

A quality home is something elemental: you can feel it, sense it. You know it the moment you experience it:  it feels solid, safe, peaceful, and secure.  It fills the senses with a feeling of rich, warm textures, detail in trim and accent, pleasant colors, and peaceful thoughts. You will find our homes to be quiet, sturdy, rich in texture and detail, and pleasing to both the eye and sense; more energy efficient and requiring less expense to keep warm or cool, less exterior maintenance, and leaving more time for fun and relaxation. In addition, you will find many upgrades already included. 

Quality may cost a little more up front, buy it provides exponential returns over the many years you will own your home. This improves satisfaction, lowers stress levels, and provides more time to focus on family and the things that are truly important.

We look forward to serving you in your next home.

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