At Integrity Homes Ltd. we believe in good old-fashioned quality.  Our FortressBuiltTM homes feature many very high quality materials, features and steps in workmanship specifically designed on purpose to provide you with a very high quality home that you’ll be glad you purchased instead of regretting it.

All Integrity Homes feature:

  1. Spray Foam Insulation is R-28 side wall insulation vs. R-13 on standard code built homes
  2. Spray Foam Insulation increases the STRUCTURAL STRENGTH of your home over 800%
  3. Guaranteed Squeak-Proof Floors
  4. Low Maintenance exteriors are Scratch Coat Stucco and Stone
  5. Quality features throughout

And when the wind blows, you can rest assured that your home will provide you and yours the safety and protection they deserve.  Come see our homes and you will come away knowing that while our homes are vastly superior in features and quality, but well priced and very affordable.

View our New Homes at Gateway Park and Gateway Farm.

Save money, avoid Metro District tax

Metro Districts are a relationship between big developers (unlike Integrity Homes) and townships in which the towns have given the developer the ability to recoup part of the development costs by raising the property tax.

Integrity Homes does NOT use Metro Districts. Thus our homeowners pay significantly less in property tax. As if that’s not enough reason to buy an Integrity Homes, quiet living, superb craftsmanship and energy efficiency come standard with all our homes.

Just see the comparison.

Integrity Homes

Sales Price: $400,000
20% Down: $ 80,000
Financed: $320,000
Mortgage Pmt: $1,527/mo.*
Property Tax: $167/mo.*

Energy Cost: $75/mo.* 

TOTAL: $1,769/mo.

Other Builders

Selling Price: $400,000
20% Down: $ 80,000
Financed Amt: $320,000
Mortgage Pmt: $1,527/mo.
Property Tax: $ 334/mo.

Energy Cost:  $150/mo.

TOTAL: $2,011/mo.

*Mortgage payment based on 4%, 30-year term. Property tax based on $2,000/yr. Energy costs based on average of 14 Integrity Homes recently built in Berthoud.

The bitterness of poor quality...

Just like people are more than skin deep, you must look beneath the surface glitter of any home you are considering for yourself and family. Increasingly, buyers are dissatisfied with the quality of their new home due to poor quality of materials and workmanship. While there is a standard building code, quality of both materials and workmanship vary greatly.

Many new homes from the large builders aren’t even inspected by your county or town building inspectors, but are merely “certified”, incredibly, by those companies' engineer or engineering firm.

Broken framed house
The image above is of a 'code-built' home from another Colorado home builder. The home had just been framed when a Colorado wind came along and tore it apart, strewing it all over the area.