Did you know,

that the quality of your new home is more than skin deep?  Under the covers (behind the drywall), you need to know how well your home is built because it effects how you feel in your home and how much it costs you to live comfortably within it.


Building energy codes and technology have driven an increase in the potential energy efficiency of new homes. New homes today are over 40% more efficient than a home built in the 1980's.  Integrity Homes goes beyond even this and are quieter, give the feeling of structural strength and soundness, and will save you money from your monthly budget because they are both more energy efficient and economical to run than most new homes you will experience. .


home energy efficiency infographic


Energy Waste: 1980s

The below image outlines the average home built in the 1980s using the building codes from that decade.


Here is an image that outlines a home built using the building codes established in 2012.

Taking it even a step further, Integrity Homes uses even more effective material than required by the 2012 building codes:

  • Wall insulation is R-28; Ceiling insulation is R-48
  • Attic Insulation is R-48
  • Walls insulation is R-24
  • Spray Foam insulation further reduces energy loss, stiffens the structural rigidity, and dampens noise.

Typical improvements after home energy performance


Spraying Foam Insulation
Insulation examples
Spray foam insulation